Monday, December 31, 2012

Ethanol 3 (mead)

Day 1 (Dec 31): Started new batch of mead: 24oz of honey in 1gal. Some problems.
- It appears to have been too much honey, since not all of it dissolved.
- The red-star yeast again failed to "head", but again was anarobic within 24 hours.
Day 3 (Jan 2): Fizzing like mad. Far more effervescent than soda. All trace of excess honey is gone.
Day 5 (Jan 4): Same state.
Day 8 (Jan 7): Still going strong. 1 bubble (at least 1cc) every 10s or so. Rate could be twice that.
Day 10 (Jan 9): Fizzing waned yesterday, and continues to wane today. Large yeast sediment at the bottom of the container.
Day 12 (Jan 11): Weak effervescence, significantly clearer solution.
Day 17 (Jan 16): Still bubbling very slightly. Looks almost like apple juice clarity-wise.
Day 22 (Jan 21): Faint effervescence still present. Probably done within 1-2 days.
Day 27 (Jan 26): No fiz for two days. Decanting. The substance is as clear or clearer than storebought apple juice. Sp Gr: 0.994
My vinometer (not a very accurate measure) says it's about 15% alcohol by volume, which is 12% by mass.

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