Friday, September 21, 2012

Ethanol 1 (mead)

I started this on Friday, 21-Sep-2012.

Pretty much directly out of "Caveman Chemistry" for this one:

* 16oz (300cc) of honey
* 1500mL water
* 1 packet of yeast
* Wake the yeast with water & sugar
* Mix in 2L drink bottle
* Cap

Progress Report
Check regularly! The book says "check every day" I'm pretty sure that if I had waited for 24 full hours, the bottle would have burst. There was a slight exhalation after 8 hrs, and after 16 it gave a serious "pop", then foamed & frothed for a couple minutes.
Day 2: Airlock (bought a cheap plastic "inverted cups" airlock and a rubber cork)
Day 4: Bubbled more or less continuously for 2 days (so far)
Day 7: Still bubbling away.
Day 12: Bubbling seems to have stopped. Will check again tomorrow.
Day 13: Bubbling completely stopped. Decanted.

Nota Bene
The ambient temperature throughout this endeavor has been on the order of 80 degrees F, sometimes warmer. This is around 10 degrees warmer than is recommended, which may account for the rapid transtion into and out of carbon dioxide production.

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