Tuesday, March 18, 2014


You Might Be a Home Chemistry Geek if...

  • You're at the market buying Honey, Baking Powder, Vinegar, Kosher Rock Salt, Corn Oil and a sturdy looking glass measuring cup, but don't plan to do any cooking today.
  • You've bought a gallon of apple juice for the sealable glass jug it comes in.
  • Your water bill is higher than the rest of your utilities combined.
  • You go through more paper towels than most families of six.
  • You have a case lot of coffee filters, but no coffee maker.
  • You catch yourself thinking "Wait, has this been neutralized?!?" before dumping the spaghetti boiling water into the kitchen sink.
  • Even though you're a single guy, you spend a lot of time in kitchen stores looking for very specific items.
  • You find yourself explaining to the Sur Le Table cashier that "I'm going to use this jerky dehydrator to do low-temperature evaporation of a solution of potash", etc.
  • You're irritated at having to explain to the supermarket guy that, no, mineral water is actually the opposite of distilled water, so you really do need the distilled kind.
  • You begin to wonder why the government thinks any nonzero value of "Total Dissolved Solids" in drinking water is ok.
  • You have a "real, chemical-grade fire extinguisher" in your kitchen
  • Your fire extinguisher is the only device in your kitchen for which you have read the instructions.
  • Your fire extinguisher is the only thing in your kitchen for which you check the freshness date faithfully
  • You're buying a cartload of clear glass rubber gasket canning jars (for storing hygroscopic materials), and are confused when the cashier asks you what kind of preserves you make.

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